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Jeremy Gooch

Guitarist and IT architect

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About me

I’m an Integration Architect. This means that I work in IT and am adept at getting different systems talking to one another. I’ve been doing this for years, working both in financial services and retail.

This blog originally aimed to provide the sort of technical help I would personally have found useful and which I was unable to find when I was scrabbling around trying to get something to work. And there are indeed a few such posts here.


I spend a weekend or two a year walking with friends. We generally try to do a linear or circular walk over three or four days. I’ve often been asked for information about the routes we’ve taken and this now seems to form the majority of this site.

In my spare time, I play the guitar. After 25 years of raucous volume, I now predominantly play as part of an acoustic duo, imaginatively entitled Natalie and Jeremy.

Contact Me

Amongst other places, you can find me on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.